SGA Foibles

Tonight, Anthony, Leonard, and I sat while Heather regaled us with tales of the latest foibles with UAH’s SGA.

See, I built a lot [not all, but a lot] of what the SGA is today. Last year, I would be in the face of the people doing stupid things with “my SGA”. This year? I’m just amused at it all.

I have achieved Alumni Apathy.

That doesn’t mean that we’re not going to the SGA meeting on Monday night to go amuse ourselves, though.


  1. Let me pose this question to you?

    Is it in the Chairman of the Finance Committee’s job description to withhold a funding request from the House if HE thinks that request is for too much money? Isn’t his job to make sure the request is legal and having merit and then to present that request to the house with or without a recommendation?

  2. If there is nothing wrong with the way the paperwork is filed, then yes, the chair should take it forward to the full House for consideration, even if the Chair’s recommendation is to douse the request in kerosene and light it on fire.

  3. There is no leadership in SGA anymore. Everybody has brought their buddies in and won’t ask them to step down when they f&*( up. The Finance Chair has drug his feet on every appropriation request this year. It is non-sense.

  4. Yeah, that’s what I thought and that’s what I’ve heard. It’s really too bad. Ant-Dawg or Gee-off, whenever you get a chance, thank Heather for NOT draggin her feet and recommend the full requested amount to the finance committee chair.

  5. You know, the thing is, the SGA really doesn’t show any leadership. We were all friends when we were in SGA, but how many times did we cross sabers when we didn’t agree?

    Now, they’re “all a bunch of fucking pussies”.


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