The Rogues’ Gallery

I am shamefully stealing the idea for this from Amy, but I don’t think that she’ll mind.

I talk about some folks around here, and I think that it’s fair that you have a face to put with the name. I’d like to do what Amy’s done in the Cast and Crew, but I would prefer that I’m actually in the photo.

For example, I could use photos from Rick and Jessica’s wedding and Sean and Katharine’s wedding when compiling these. [I mean, hey … you will never see me look better than I do in a tuxedo, eh? Especially those spiffy tuxedos that Sean picked out for us. Hell yeah, those were awesome.]

If you have a photo of the two of us [or the three of us, if you come paired with a spouse as so many of my friends do nowadays!], you let me know. If not, we need to take one. 🙂

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