I went to an SGA meeting tonight. I went because Leonard, Anthony, and I had discussed going after Heather had told us all that had happened.

It’s abundantly clear to me that SGA has regressed, and I think that the fundamental problem is that people don’t know what their duties and responsibilities are.

I have a solution for it, but it has a cost: I [and maybe Anthony] would conduct a training workshop for all new SGA members. For a not-insignificant fee, we’d prepare a series of presentations [and perhaps small quizzes] to show everyone how the SGA interacts.

I really don’t think that many people—and I’m talking even some Exec folks—have a good top-level view of what’s going on. I’m seeing Executives legislate and Legislators execute. That’s what got us into trouble before, and we’re seeing all the same problems all over again.