Link-Prefetching, Part Deux

Randomly, someone Googled me for “link+pre-fetching” today, and I had to go back and look up the entry to even remember what it was. [Note to self: the “if you don’t write it down, it didn’t happen” mantra is a good one.]

But now I think I have an answer for a use for link pre-fetching: pulling up all the entries on your front page.

Some of us use a “more” capability with our Weblog/journal entries, so as to display many entries to viewers of the front page. This is a useful way to present a variety of entries to the new visitor, as he may never have viewed your site before, or she may be just perusing from time to time. If you’re like me and write about a variety of craptopics, this is probably beneficial to the reader who’s interested in only certain things. [For instance, probably half of my readership is glazing over at all of this already.]

If you could, however, pre-fetch the full entries for all the entries on your site, you could save your readers beaucoup time if they peruse the page a bit before they link on through. Chances are that if you’re running a text-based site with few entry-specific images, you can have the browser cache all those entries in the time that it takes the average person to scan your page and find an entry in which they are interested. Having the link tags go in top-bottom reading order [presumably so it will pre-fetch in that order] would also ensure that you’re pre-fetching in the order in which the links would presumably be clicked.

Does this make sense to anyone besides me? I mean, because if not, I’ll shut up and go back to my spaceflight hardware.