Best Person for the Job

Sometimes, you take one for the team. We needed some data entry done, and my boss knew that I was the person for it. I type faster than anyone else in our group; I might give our departmental secretary a run for her money.

So today, I built a 1000+-line spreadsheet in a little under six hours.

Six hours by sixty minutes an hour is 360 minutes; I was running almost three lines a minute. Considering that I was typing part number, quantity, and nomenclature … well, that was a lot. Of course, I was using Excel, and I had a lot of the same part numbers [because “AL ALLOY” is considered a part number in the configuration list].

Still, it’s kinda freaky to think that I built an indentured parts list in Excel in that brief amount of time. Data entry, formatting, indenting [after all, this is an indentured parts list], and all that.

Amazing what a deadline will do for your productivity.

If someone tells me that there’s functionality for exporting Filemaker Pro to Excel, though, I’m going to maim them. [I was working from a printout, but if I’d had a softcopy and a converter, I would have been done in a third of the time.]


  1. *cough* yes, all you are to me is an aerospace engineer. 😉 (jk)

    That is some fast typing you did, my friend. I thought I was fast… (but not with numbers. I’m super slow with numbers, but I bet I could give you a run for your money with text.)

    At least you didn’t hear the dreaded words:
    “Uhh… yeeeah. I’m gonna need to you to go ahead and come on in on Saturday…”

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