A Good Day

It’s been a good day.

After sleeping until 11:00 a.m. [I didn’t expect that!], I got a lot done on my redesign/reorganization of [caedmonscall.net]. I’m about a third done with the work of putting together the old rumors into a WordPress install. We’ve gone from a web root of 200+ files to only having some legacy files left.

Man, I love 301 redirects in .htaccess. They’re wonderful!

I capped the day off by helping the Granades move in their new couch and loveseat. [Yes, Rick and Jon were there, too … but only because I’d “offered” their help. Juniors. ;)] I got to rectify a situation and go see Eli. What a cute kid. 😀

Ten minutes from tip-off … GO DUKE! BEAT CAROLINA! 😀

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