I Would Complain…

… about sinus-headache-induced insomnia, but then I remember that Misty and Stephen are getting far less sleep than I am.

Sure, I still want to complain. [And by posting, I am voicing that, even if I’m placing caveats within.]

Oh well … the sun is preparing to rise on a new day, one that finds this area relatively unscathed after a nasty bout of storms. Pretty much anytime we get above 70F before April, I begin to think that we’ll have tornado warnings. We did. Nothing ever touched down [so far as I know], but it did get ugly out west in the county where all of my friends seem to live. There was probably a fair amount of flash flooding, what with rain rates reaching five inches an hour. [The Shoals had received about eight inches of rain by the time I went to bed the first time.] But I shall escape to Sleepyland before the sun has a chance to rise and keep me up all day.

Misty, if you read this and comment, please feel free to share some story about King Eli keeping you up all night. 🙂