Look Before You Leap

It’s just the first week in March, but already I’m thinking about where I might move.

Our lease is up at the end of July. [I thought for a while that it might be at the end of June, but I then remembered that I moved in mid-June, which means I paid a partial and started the 12-month lease on 1 July.] I know that I’m going to be without my present roommates when I move; I think Anthony will be moving in with that woman of his, and Leonard will be going off to Charlotte. [What I don’t know is when Leonard finishes his degree. I know that he’ll have to take some classes in the summer, but I don’t know whether it’ll be the full ten-week term or just one five-week term. L-Fred, you may feel free to comment when you read this if we don’t cross paths today.]

Rick jokingly said, “You know, we have those two rooms upstairs …” Not only would that likely put a strain on an eight-year friendship [stop and think about how long that is, Rick ;)], but hey … a married couple doesn’t need me around to crimp their style.

I’ve been looking this morning at townhouses and condominiums for sale in this area. Now, if you’ve been following along for awhile, you’re going, “Didn’t you say that you counted out buying something this time last year?” Why yes, I did. But as this year has progressed, I have spent more time thinking about seminary and all that, and the more I think and pray about it, the more I realize that, for the next three or four years, my place is here in Huntsville. Interest rates are still way down, and there are several options very close to work [and further west in town, meaning that I won’t feel like I’m driving half a day when I want to go see all my country-living friends].

Looking at the numbers, I could afford to live entirely by myself, if I chose. Would I like a roommate? Sure. Do I know anyone? No. Yes, for the first time in four or five years, I don’t have a list of people in mind to call up and ask about a place to crash. Shoot … the only name that does come to mind is one of my old roommates, but I don’t know how far along he is in school anymore.

The biggest reason to buy? It would be the last move that I’d make before leaving Huntsville. I know that I’m going to get jacked on rent rates at my present apartment complex; I got $100/mo. knocked off by taking advantage of a special when I moved in, and since they’ve changed a few things here [notably swapping water utilities], more things are now included in the rent. I see absolutely no reason to pay twice as much in rent as I could for someplace I could live, even if it’s just for a few years.

[Yes, if you’re wondering, moving furniture yesterday got me thinking about moving again. I’d been subconsciously thinking about it for the last six weeks or so, but it made me vocalize it for the first time. Oi.]


  1. Yeah, those are my thoughts as well. Plus, if the rental market stays as it is, I know a couple folks around here who manage rental properties, and I could rent it out for a couple hundred above the mortgage and hold onto it. [The properties I’m looking at are also very close to my alma mater.]

  2. I recommend a housing inspector if the property is a few years old. It could save you from some later surprises. It could save you a lot of money both up-front and in repairs later.

    Also, keep in mind that ALL Realtors work for the seller and no one works for the buyer.

  3. Not to mention the HUGE tax advantages to owning your own home! Writing off the interest got me the biggest tax refund I’ve ever had and that’s just a half a year’s worth of interest. If you’re going to be somewhere two years or more it’s absolutely worth buying. I also agree with your dad on the houseing inspector but most lenders will want you to do that too. I can also give you the name of a very good one to work with. You’ll end up with a note book on the place when he’s done. If you need help moving, let me know! I can haul a lot of stuff.

  4. I agree with your dad. Definitely get a housing inspector. Hell, if you buy our place, we can give you the rundown on the place and share all of its quirks. We’ll be completely honest about everything.

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