The Little Things

Maybe I’ve been reading too much about user interface design, but … God help me …

I’m still adjusting to life in the new building. The biggest change? The bathroom door. All the other bathroom doors are big, thick doors—perhaps even firewall-rateable–doors with stiff hydraulic arms on them. Go to enough bathrooms around TBE, and you’ll get used to putting your forearm against the door and leaning into it in order to get it to open easily.

The bathroom door in this building is an extremely light door with a barely-noticeable hydraulic arm. I barge right through that door every freaking time, and it unnerves me.

User experience is like that—change something that someone’s used to, and they’ll be greatly confused. It’s easy as a creator to say, “Get over it!” but, as a user, if you’re used to something, the new things in life will totally throw you.

That makes me think more about how to make changes around the .net.


  1. It’s comforting to here thinking like that from someone on the admin end of things. I think that one reason that so many office wanks hate the tech admins is the perception that the admins take glee in making random changes just to tweak the wanks.

    And, of course, just because they’re paranoid doesn’t mean that no one’s following them!

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