Smiley Was Right

Why have I been using MusicMatch all this time to rip and encode MP3’s?

I’ve had folks tell me better, but noooooo … “It works for me.”

:bangs head on desk repeatedly.

Mark Smiley has prevailed upon me to use LAME and Exact Audio Copy for some time now. I brought in a couple CD’s at lunch, and I decided to give it a whirl.

I now feel like the biggest buffoon in Huntsville.

Thanks, Mark.


  1. Try using iTunes to listen to your music. It’s amazing how much faster I can access artists/albums/songs in iTunes compared to MusicMatch (which I used for several years).

  2. If you can get your hands on a copy of the original Fraunhoefer professional codec (and you can, you just have to ask nicely), I think you’ll be a lot more impressed with the results than using the lossy LAME one. Just my two cents’ worth.

  3. The Fraunhofer codec is lossy. While I’ve never done a listening test, I’d be very surprised if an outdated codec could keep up with LAME.

    And it’s about time you start paying attention to what I say. And listen to some of these other people, too! iTunes is your friend. Although, I still rely on WinAMP (2.80) for various stuff.

  4. you know that the lame encoder makes brave alterations like filters and noise shapping to try to increase the presevd quailty. I would rather go with fraunhofer if you want HQ get the pro version it’s slow but good. Or maybe try aac (mp4) and for those mac users out there you can encode in pro using something called /make mine mp4/ this also needs quicktime pro.

    Encoding aac in pro is far better than using itunes as you only get a lower grade of quailty when encoding.

    The ideas above have been from my own experince and some of 10 year worth of messing about with lossey music encoding and computers.

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