The old saw goes that there are two certainties in life: death and taxes.

My retort usually went, “The third certainty is that I’ll never file my taxes before April 1.”

I’ve actually done my federal income tax filing by using TeleFile here today. I’ll do my state returns tonight after dropping by the Post Office to get the form [and drop some stuff off to be mailed, too].

This is progress; the last few years, I’ve filed on 4/15 or 4/14. 🙂 I assume this will be the last year that I file my own taxes; next year, especially if I have bought a house, I’ll pay someone else to do it.


  1. Since we got married, we’ve paid someone to do them. They always find more $$$ (that I would have missed) than it costs us, so I figure I’m ahead….

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