A Personal Archive

Peter and I were just talking about RMFO-Blogs, since I just finished working up a layout for Trey. He asked if I was happy that I’d started the project, and I replied that I certainly am. I enjoy getting people to write. Some people are going to be bad Webloggers, and frankly, that’s okay.

I would actually consider myself to be a bad Weblogger. There is very little focus to what you read here and on my biolog. The latter is more focused than this site is, primarily because I try to focus on longer work there. [Of course, given my writing trends of late, I’m finding myself wanting to put a halt to everything, go through all 1400+ entries, re-sort everything, and start over. On the day that I have that much free time, I should be shot on sight.]

That said …

Me: I typically suck, and I break the doldrums with something worthwhile every once in a while
Me: But I write for me, not for my audience, really.
Peter: Yeah, yours is different that way
Peter: it almost seems like a personal archive, of sorts

That’s exactly what my sites are for me—a way to remember.

I just let you read. Why? Maybe I’ll find something that interests you. [If I find a lot of stuff that interests you, we need to talk … you’re clearly deranged, and I need to be the one to tell you that.]

I’ll keep on keeping on … maybe this is what some folks meant by being more accessible


  1. Someone you don’t want to invite over for dinner because they’ll have nothing better to do than to use your conversation as post fodder?

    (How many of my friends just fell over laughing at the fact that I just said that?)

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