New Shoes

You gotta love the first day with new shoes—sore feet, sore ankles, and general confusion from your body.

It’s even more amusing when you’re like me and don’t buy many pairs of shoes. What’s the point? I can only wear one pair of them at a time.

As I was buying shoes last night—my old boots had finally seen their last good days; yes, nerd herd, the really funky-smelling boots are dead—I realized that I only owned two pair of good shoes that I’d wear in public, counting my Birkenstocks. The pair of saddle oxfords that I have are more than a bit worn, largely thanks to my mother’s dog. With the aforementioned boots deader than a doornail, the only shoes I really liked that looked good were … sandals.

Of course, they are the most expensive pair of shoes that I’ve ever owned, seeing as I was willing to dump a goodly portion of last year’s tax refund on a really nice pair of Birks. I’ve not regretted that purchase an iota, because those things are unbelievably comfortable. However, they aren’t very useful at work.

With that in mind, I went shoe-shopping solo for the second time in my life and came home with … a pair of steel-toed, s**t-kicking work boots.

Don’t mess with me. I’ll kick you in the head.

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