Music Overload

I’m overloaded with music.

To my left are six albums that I’ve bought in the last week–including Over The Rhine’s Ohio. I have Eric Clapton’s Me and Mr. Johnson, Till We Have Faces, Good Dog, Bad Dog, Films for Radio, and Ohio from the aforementioned OtR, and hey … it’s Caedmon’s Release Day! Yes, despite the fact that it’s a greatest hits disc, I bought Chronicles from Caedmon’s Cizall. For one, I was at one of the shows where the live cuts were made. For another, there are two new songs—one by Andy O!—as well as stuff about their current recording trips around the third world.

I’m way, way overloaded.


  1. I hate it when that happens. I inevitably get less out of each CD than I do when I get one new album at a time and really get to savor it.

    Off to check out the new Clapton album and dust off my guitar… 🙂

  2. Alex:

    I typically have that problem as well. However, I have them all ripped to MP3, and I’ll be giving them all a good listen.

    The Clapton album is excellent.

    I am also already in love with OtR, and Jeff … I made myself start with Till We Have Faces, which, as I remember, you said: The first CD will seem out of place compared to the last three. Mainly because it will be like listening to kids and then listening to adults. But you will love them.

    If these kids grew up, I’m really worried about how obsessed I might become. This could get bad.

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