Never Apologize for Swingers

Okay, Alex, I won’t apologize for the following story …

This morning, one of my co-workers comes in and is regaling a couple of the other guys with tales of his weekend. I hadn’t known he was doing this, but apparently, he took a trip to Las Vegas.

It was all I could do to stop from shouting, “Vegas, baby! VEGAS!” I also wanted to ask him if he was up five hundy by midnight.

If you’ve never seen Swingers, you’re doing yourself a disservice, in my book. I didn’t see it until January, and I have had to stop myself from buying a copy a couple times. Those who know me that I’m not much for movies, so that says a lot.

Oh … and if you’ve ever wanted the text: Swingers screenplay.

[I really should wget that and have a safe copy locally.]


  1. Hey, thanks for the website! I just finished my own screenplay about an athlete who fought cocaine addiction yet died at 32. It’s a comedy for he loved life. The man was my son and the play is dedicated to his memory. If you ever want to take a peep at it, let me know.

    I tried my best to give credit to Narcotics Anonymous for I attended several sessions with my son and a more sincere group never existed. Thanks again for your kindness.

    Write if you get time.


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