Knockin’ ’em Down

I have incorporated all of Sean’s old posts from and all of Kat’s posts into one site … Casa de Morrill.

I have also added to the Wondergeeks syndication list. Enough of the WG readership reads that site that it makes sense.

I’ve also made use of the syndication files that Amy first wrote/found, Rick tweaked, and Jeff tweaked further. Huzzah.

After all, not everyone is yet cool enough to use an aggregator. 😉


  1. Where do those files get linked in? (I upgraded us and have been too lazy to dig back in and make that last link that needs to happen to make it all work)

  2. If you look at the bottom of that file, you’ll see that there’s a snippet that puts the URL together.

    What I think I need to go back and do is look at how comment_author_link() puts the link together, and re-use most of that code. The issue is, of course, that I’m using mod_rewrite to rewrite the URL, and I’ve not looked at comment_author_link() to see if it outputs in ?p=###&c=1 or what.

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