Canadian National Choking Symbol

Please take a note, Canadians: you have a new national symbol for choking.

Personally, I want to come up with a similar page … but I’d have the face of Joe Thornton on there.



  1. I was waiting on something like that to come from you. I’m just glad that my team made it past the first round when no one thought they would. I have to give credit to the Predators for tow great games at home. They were just out matched. It’s going to be interesting to see who goes to the finals. For once in my life I actually believe you could see San Jose and Detroit in the Western Conference Finals and I think you could actually see San Jose in the Cup Finals. But, while I believe it could happen I doubt that it will. At this point, the western conference is anybody’s guess and I think it’ll be philly or toronto that comes out of the east.

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