My Growing OtR Addiction

Well, I’ve moved on from a complete addiction to Ohio to a complete addiction to Good Dog, Bad Dog. I have Films for Radio—which has some things that I like—and Till We Have Faces left to conquer.

Anyhow, Paste Music–through–is doing a $25 sale of the three OtR rarities CD’s. As Jeff says, “It’s like having Guild 1, 2, and 3 from CC without having to resort to eBay!”

The addiction is bad, folks. Reeeeeeeeeal bad. So bad, Rick and I are going to Dayton, Ohio next Saturday to see them … the day after seeing CC in my parents’ hometown.

Now for a camcorder … 😀


  1. I gave Ohio and Good Dog Bad Dog a shot today, but seeing as it was at work while coding, I didn’t really get to listen to them. But then again, just a few months ago that’s where I stood with Caedmon’s.

    Eventually I’ll get a chance to really listen to them.

  2. Rick: We have the drive next weekend to listen to them. Of course, we’ll be talking at least some of the time. 😉 Et cetera, whatever …

    Andrew: Yeah, ‘Til We Have Faces is so much farther back in their discography. The spins it’s gotten at work [I’ve had the entire MP3 list of OtR stuff I own loaded here at work a few different days] have made my ears happy, but I have to slow down and really listen to a CD at a time to really get it.

    I think an entry of how I listen to a new CD is in order at some point in the very, very near future.

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