This being the third time I’ve mentioned this trip … I think I’m excited about it.

Friday, April 30: Drive from Huntsville to Jackson, TN. Caedmon’s Call show at 8:00 p.m. [Please don’t ask me how I got tickets to a closed show. No, I can’t get you tickets. Yes, I suck.] Crash at the parents’ house. [Unfortunately, folks, Jess is not coming, but y’all get to see Rick.]

Saturday, May 1: Drive from Jackson, TN to Dayton, OH. Site-seeing in Dayton and my old hometown of Beavercreek. Over the Rhine show at 9:30 p.m. [Please don’t ask me how I got lucky to have tickets to this show; of course, I’m still waiting on my SASE with tickets, and I haven’t seen a cleared check yet. I am angst-filled.] Crash somewhere: perhaps with old friends, perhaps at a hotel.

Sunday, May 2: Church at Aley United Methodist Church in Beavercreek, if Rick and I can pull ourselves out of bed in time to go. 🙂 Drive home to Huntsvegas. Take Rick home as quickly as possible before Jess and the dogs miss him too much. Drive home. Sleeeeeeeeeeep.

Rick will be assimilated into the CC world, to be sure. How many people get to schmooze with the band at their first show? Okay, with CC, that’s common. Big deal.


  1. Ya know … I don’t think Rick and I have ever gone on any long trip together ever since that time I nearly drowned.

    Unless Rick came with us to Oak Ridge when we went my senior year. I can’t remember that, though; I do good to remember my middle name, most days.

  2. Oak Ridge was for Modern Physics students only, not something that I was able to take as a junior. I got to go for myself senior year though.

    Yeah, I think the only real road-trip we’ve ever gone on was that canoeing trip. We’ll just have to work to prevent an near-death experience as a part of this trip >:)

    I’m rather excited about this trip too. Just what I need between my two finals! (got one Thursday and the other next Tueesday)

    Now if we just had a video camera to document this trip 🙂

  3. Hope you got my e-mail listing Jan Schneider’s address. When ya get to Aley, give Miss Pat Kundert a big hug for me.

    Also, do you have Heth Corl’s e-mail addy? If not, holler.

    Anyhoo, call me from the church if/when you get there? I’ll be working Sunday (of course). 601-545-7625.

    Have a *good* and *safe* trip.

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