Know the Way to San Jose

Man, let me tell you … I sat down last night and saw that TiVo—yes, I have one now—had started recording the San Jose-Colorado game. I sat down, knowing I had an hour’s head-start, and plowed through the game. [Let me say that skipping an entire intermission in under a minute rocks my freakin’ world.]

If you want to watch fun, tough, hard-nosed hockey, sit down and watch San Jose. Those guys give up the body and go all out on every single shift. They forecheck all game long. They block shots at the point and in the crease. They crash the net. They’re just fun.

Last night’s lone goal was scored when Vinny Damphouse picked up his own rebound and, having no other shot, put the puck right into the 1 on David Aebischer’s back. Beauty. I rewound that thing at least three times, and the last time, I watched it in slow motion. When you see it in slo-mo, you can see Damphouse’s eyes light up as he gets the devilish idea to put the puck in off the goalie, and as it hits him, Vinny breaks out into this crazy grin.

It’s making the playoffs worth watching after the Bruins choked against the Canadiens … again.


  1. what’s even more beautiful about the whole San Jose situation is that they ARE what hockey is all about! They are a TEAM not just a couple of super stars, they truly don’t care who did it individually no-one wants to let the TEAM down. The don’t have any high dollar players, they all just seem to love to work hard and see what comes from it. One thing is for sure, if you beat them, you were definitely the better team that night because there aren’t that many times when they don’t come ready to play. I wish UAH would watch San Jose sometime, or watch the three games against Colorado, and last night with a short bench and at altitude. Daaaaayumm!

  2. Bill Clement was spot on when he said of Cheechoo’s diving poke-check with Aebischer pulled, “Folks, if you want to know what the San Jose Sharks are about, you saw it righ there.” Yep … their second- or third-best young offensive gun doing a flying, diving poke check to disrupt the puck moving from point to point with the extra attacker on the ice.

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