“There is a one-drink minimum per set.”

Our OtR tickets are here. The show is at Canal Street Tavern, which, as you might guess, serves alcohol. On the tickets: “There is a one-drink minimum per set.”

They’re going to force us to have beer, Rick.

They obviously don’t know me very well.

When we get back, I’ve got this nice, long rant saved up for GFMorris.com about legalism and expectations for para-Church organizations—like “Christian” bands—that don’t meet what the Bible really tells us.

In the meantime, I’ll be going to see a band of Christians play spirit-infused music in a bar in my old hometown.

This is frickin’ awesome.


  1. I was thinking of the old photo that got passed around saying “Even though they limited themselves to one drink at lunch, they seem to find themselves less that productive in the afternoon.” Cut to the picture and it’s a beer larger than both our heads combined.

    And yes… she would shoot both of us if we started sharing a drink like that. It’s not THAT hard to just get a second beer.

  2. A friend of mine set up gigs for his college, a Christian one. He had OtR in the works, but they had a request dealing with alcohol and the college nixed the deal. My friend tried to see if he could patch things up and stil pull it off, but it was soon out of his hands. The guy from OtR wrote my friend a long note about their feelings on the whole Christians and alcohol issue.

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