Crisis Management

I swear … I could repurpose this entire Weblog to another domain and still get use of this domain name.

Our entire production “system” is so kludged; it’s total management by crisis and who yells loudest at a meeting.

I understand that this is the case industry-wide in many ways, but … damn. You’d think that someone could derive some competitive advantage by actually being organized.

This organization isn’t there so you can scale and take on ever-larger jobs. That causes its own issues–scaling in corporate America outside of IT means ever-more levels of management and reporting, which leads to status over progress. [Having worked with both of the BigCo’s in this industry, I know this too well.] But there has to be a better way to do things than how we’re doing them.

It just drives me nuts on days like this, not from the fact that we’re operating inefficiently, but that the taxpayers of this country—of which I am one—get to pay their nickels toward that inefficiency.