Cell Phone Conundrum

I am in a conundrum with my cell phone. My present phone, a Motorola v60t, has seen better days. The threaded socket in the antenna mount is totally stripped, and it takes about .1lbf to remove the antenna mount. Not cool.

I have long been an AT&T Wireless customer, and I have no real reason to switch from their service–I have had solid service from them, and the prices are low enough to have kept me from switching to a lower-cost carrier. [There has been value in keeping the same cell number lo these many years; while cell number portability is now a reality, it’s not a great concern to me at this point.]

My issue comes, of course, with Cingular’s impending purchase of AT&T Wireless. I want a new phone, but the great thing about my present phone is that it’s mine, and I am not under contract to AT&T Wireless on it. I can change my plan on a whim.

I know what I want–I want one of the new Motorola 3G wireless phones. Wiggin’ metal sweet. I just don’t know whether or not to make the leap to get the phone only to have it not be workable when Cingular takes over.

Le sigh.


  1. I take calls every day from customers who are extremely unhappy with either AT&T or Cingular, and the numbers I’m seeing on a daily basis show no signs of slowing. Since number portability went live for the top 100 US markets in November, every company with the exception of my employer has lost customers by the hundreds of thousands. On the 24th, when portability goes live for the rest of the country, everything I’m seeing suggests that these numbers will continue to skyrocket.

    When Cingular completes their acquisition of AT&T later this year, I’m being told that we will see their plan charges escalate ridiculously to offset the costs of the merger. Being a friend that’s somewhat in the industry, I would strongly suggest to you that no matter what new phone you get, keep your number and switch to a new provider. Because once Cingular&T becomes a reality, EVERYONE is going to be paying for it. 😉

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