MP3 Playlist in Sidebar

Thanks to Amy pointing me to’s DoSomething plugin many, many moons ago …

… and Mark‘s intervention to make me move away from MusicMatch after all these many years

… and a little CSS-fu [dangit, I had to go and make that all !important just to make it work, proving that, again, I’m stupid] …

… I now have an automagically-updating MP3 playlist in my sidebar.

What a lot of work for a stupid geegaw.

[You can say that about so many things in my life that it’s not particularly funny.]


  1. Imagine that, eh? 😉

    I still tend to listen by album. I didn’t with MMJB, but I have a hard time coming up with playlists on my own. I’m searching for good Winamp plugins / playlist managers now.

    And yes, Mark, I could use iTunes. Just shut it.

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