Ideas for Improved MP3 Playlist

Yeah, I had the MP3 playlist in my sidebar finished for all of, oh, a half-hour or so when I got to thinking, “I could think of a better way to use DoSomething to catalog my MP3 listening.”

Yeah, you take data from The Great CD Preservation Project, put the song’s title, artist, and album in a database, and have DoSomething run a submit URL run … and it pushes the title, artist, and album through a POST to indicate what’s been played. Run a couple regexp‘s to parse the data in the POST, run a MySQL query, look for the song, post_count++.

This is me, thinking out loud again. If you read this and think, “Damn, Geof needs a hobby,” you’re missing the point that foofy stuff like this is my hobby.


  1. I think that’s understood that those things are your hobby. Most of us just sit back and say to ourselves, “Damn, that boy is a geek!” And I know this is something you’re proud of!

  2. I had dosomething running for a while and now I have 12,200 songs in a database I don’t know what to do with. Eventually I’d like the music section of my site to have an online representation of my music collection, complete with what I listen to most, Amazon links, et cetera.

  3. Alisa: kiss it.

    Matt: I wouldn’t think that it would be all that hard. You’d populate another table in the database with all the information that you want, and tie ’em with an id. [Seems to make sense to tie them together that way to me, anyway.]

    Now, the cast-iron b***h would be populating Amazon links. Maybe Paul Bausch would have ideas on that.

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