Happy Two-Year College Graduation Anniversary

Now, why did I get this f**king degree again?

It’s so lovely to “celebrate” this anniversary in the manner I have today. On the list of Really Craptacular Days I’ve Had At Work, this goes right below the day I started worrying about getting laid off when we had no work in the shop, and I’m not sure if it goes below anything else. Wait, there was that day when my Canadian customer was going to force us to violate all sorts of good aerospace practices and ship hardware early. Yeah, I remember marching all the way from the clean room up to my vice president’s office—in shirt and tie, in August, across our newly-blacktopped parking lot, at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon—all too well. His secretary could smell my anger before I opened the door to the office.


I think I’m going home now. They’re testing the alarm system in this building at 6:00 p.m., and while I’m used to being here that late at night recently, I’m afraid that hearing the alarm system test might provoke an unpopular, unhealthy Pavlovian reaction.

Idiots. Idiots. Idiots.


  1. Unfortunately, no. For me, co-oping at TBE + fall-only and spring-only classes = five years to graduate.

    In my first year at UAH, I took 35 semester hours. In my last two years, I took just 36. My graduation was a slow, painful process, and in fact, I almost got delayed by a year through a series of administrative SNAFUs beyond my control.

    I almost got it delayed through an administrative SNAFU that was all my doing, too. Thankfully, I got mercy on that one.

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