Talk About Focus

I just realized, thanks to my happy sidebar, that I went about 45 minutes with my office in silence.

This is not the way I work. I almost always have to have music. When your brain works as mine does—it needs to multi-task—something like background music is a near-necessity.

I’ve been slaving away on an Excel spreadsheet that deals with our investigation of … yesterday’s frustrations—which really aren’t new, but the reactions are—and I realized, when I came up for air, that it was stone silent in my office.

This reminds me of the conversation that I had with Jeff, Rick, and Kat the other night. Jeff and Rick are primarily coder-types at work, and they don’t see how I multi-task and get anything done. Most of the time, my job doesn’t require 100% of my CPU cycles … but I guess that making this Excel sheet did there for a bit.

I need to run =COUNTA(A8:A130) and see if I still have a brain…


  1. I did at least two other times yesterday. I think it was a reaction to stress. 😆

    Ed, around 4:30: “Let me just say … today has really stunk.”

    Me: “Yeah, and yesterday wasn’t any damn fun, either. I was really beginning to wish you’d come back from Houston a day earlier around, oh, 10:30.”

    But hey, it’s Friday, and for once, I had no voicemails and only one email message waiting on me when I walked in the door.

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