Fixing Feed on Feeds to Use Atom

If, like me, you are a user of the server-side aggregator Feed on Feeds, you probably know that the available out-of-the-box gzipped tarball doesn’t work with Atom-based feeds.

However, if one goes to the Magpie RSS downloads page on SourceForge and grabs the gzipped tarball of Magpie RSS 0.61, tar -xvzf’s that in the /(Feed on Feeds)/ directory, and goes into init.php in the /(Feed on Feeds)/ directory to change the two lines that call out “magpierss-0.5” to call out “magpierss-0.61”, well, one has an Atom-compliant aggregator.

All that means, of course, is that I fixed what was broken by realizing that the default download was not up-to-date. I should probably email Steve to let him know urge him to update the tarball. 🙂