Said aloud this morning as I walked out of the electrical shop and back to my office in the next building over in the complex:

“I have no clue how this merry band of idiots[1] ever gets any of this crap off the ground[2].”

This goes back to the cliché, “Common sense isn’t.”

So much of this business is CYA because we all understand that, from time to time, things are going to go Very Bad™ and People Will Die. Because that is unacceptable to the American populace—or the American populace as fed by the American media, take your pick—we do this great shell game of “not my fault!”

It’s a shame that a preponderance of the truly bright people don’t go into this field anymore. It wouldn’t save many lives—rockets are controlled explosions, people!—but some things might go more smoothly.

[1] “this merry band of idiots” being the NASA/contractor community.

[2] “off the ground” meaning into orbit.