Preview of WP 1.2 Changelog

If you’re like me and wonder what WP 1.2 will have under the hood, check out the WP 1.2 changelog on the WP wiki. [Hat tip to Matt on this one.]

Yes, Jeff, 1.2 appears to store its dates in GMT. I hear you rejoicing. “GMT Gooooooooood!” :fist pump:

It’ll be out when it’s ready. No rush, guys! 😀

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  1. Woohoo!!

    It looks awesome. I’ll be looking forward to the release.

    Here’s the reason why I was so keen on having GMT in the database: once that’s in place, it means that there is no ambuguity about when a post/comment was made (no possible 1-hour overlap or gap around a daylight saving time transition). With that variable gone, I can start tinkering with a feature I’ve wanted for a LONG time: automatic daylight saving adjustment (at least for US time zones). That way, I don’t have to remember twice a year to adjust a silly time preference. Basically, the CMS will look at the GMT date/time from the database, then use some smarts to determine whether to shift it by an hour or not before display.

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