Carving a Side of Beef

Well, I’ve migrated to WP 1.2 here in the last couple of minutes. It’ll take far longer to write this entry than it did to make the update.

The WP Upgrade Process

  1. My first process was to run my backup shell script so that I had a good backup of my present state; after all, I’ve made a couple of posts today. Running ./backup was quick and painless for me.
  2. I then made a quick copy of my pre-existing index.php file, saving it off as wp-102-index.php. A happy cp index.php wp-102-index.php and I was done.
  3. I then needed to get the scripts for 1.2; wget always does the trick. [Actually, I was logged in to SF, so I used my direct link to the archive, but whatever.]
  4. I then needed to unpack everything, which was a happily-quick tar -xvzf wordpress-1.2-mingus.tar.gz.
  5. I then quickly checked the README file to be certain of the upgrade procedure. I only want to do this once.
  6. I then ran mv wordpress/* ./ to move all the files down. Well, of course I had to go back and grab the directories nested therein—e.g., mv wordpress/wp-admin/* ./wp-admin/—but that’s minor, really.
  7. I then ran the upgrade script and prayed silently but quickly. It’s not that I don’t have faith in the WP devs: I just have bad luck.
  8. I checked my index, saw the fugly layout, and went back to the shell to cp wp-102-index.php index.php. There we are–happiness again. Oh, not quite! I had to quickly comment out the links-update-xml.php call. I don’t know why this has been balky for me of late, but I’ll check that later. [I do have work to do this afternoon, after all.]
  9. Yep, there’s the happy layout I know and love.

This is not to say that I’m 100% happy; I’ve already got a niggling bitch to make about the layout of post.php, but hey … I can get back to that later.

The upgrade path is pretty darn simple. Once I’ve kicked the tires, I’ll be rolling this out network-wide.

Yay. 🙂


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