Why WordPress’s Interface Is Better

Why is the GUI better in WordPress v1.2? It’s because Matthew Thomas has been involved in developing it.

That’s not to say that mpt is a GUI god or something, but having someone with experience is a good thing. I’m glad that people are adding their own expertise to the project. Some free/FREE projects can end up acting like a barn raising–folks pulling together, adding what they know to it.

It doesn’t always act like that, and maybe WP hasn’t always been that way, either, but give Matt and everyone else credit for their bits.

At some point, Matt and the other devs need to make notes on who contributed what to WP1.2. I know that there are more cooks working on the broth these days. WP will never need to have as many code monkeys as your high-profile projects, but let’s remember that there are many stakeholders in the development process, and they need their due. For instance, I know that Alex has been involved in l10n and i18n, and I’m sure that others helped, too.