But Wait–There’s More!

Here’s the funniest thing I’ve had happen in a while: I just checked my cell voicemail and found that UAH’s Dean of Students [note: not her real title] had asked the SGA Secretary to call me and find out if she, as Dean, had the power to act ad hoc in concert with a couple of the SGA officers when they don’t have enough legislators.

Yes … two years after graduation, and they’re still asking me for advice.


[What they wanted to do was okay, by the way.]


  1. Honestly, I don’t think they’d read it.

    Article I, Section 2 of the UAH SGA Constitution says: “The principal administrative officer concerned with student affairs (hereinafter referred to as the Vice President of Student Affairs) shall serve as the representative of the University administration and shall be kept advised of all SGA activities.”

    You need that statement in there for a sense of derived power, but that also ends up being the God Clause.

    The American federal government rules with the just consent of the governed. The UAH SGA “rules” at the mercy of Delois Smith.

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