Fixing Back-to-the-Front Linkage

If you know my “style” of Web design [heh], you know that I like to use a logo or a photo as a link back to the front page of the site.

Unfortunately, WP 1.2 broke my functionality: I was using echo $siteurl; to generate the site URL on the fly [due to a bunch of weird issues I won’t get into here]; that tag’s apparently been deprecated and replaced by another.

Of course, if it’s been deprecated for a while, I wonder why it was in the 1.0.x default templates and why no notes were made in the changelog. I’m mildly annoyed, but the change isn’t a big one.

I apologize if you’ve been trying to use this functionality and have had issues—I’m just now noticing this.

[EDIT: Oddly enough, echo $siteurl; works outside the WP Loop, but it fails inside the loop; since I was using the echo to dynamically generate links to my stylesheets, I was surprised that it didn’t fail [and if it had, I would’ve noticed on Monday when I did the upgrade.]

[EDIT #2: Hell no, this doesn’t fix it, either. Putting bloginfo() outside the WP loop fails as well. Dammit.]

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