Note to self: Never take nighttime sinus medication at 0400, no matter how bad the headache is.

I took some of the bad stuff around 0415 when I was wide awake with a headache and then spent an hour or so watching some TiVo recordings. Around daylight, I started to hit that wonderful drowsy feeling, so I went back to bed in an effort to get some more sleep before work.

I woke up at 0805.

I have been groggy all day long; it’s really only been in the last hour or so that I’ve been thinking relatively clearly; a good thing, considering one of the phone calls I just got. [More on that when that bit of information goes public. I don’t know when that’ll be, either.]

I’m hoping that we don’t have our weekly Tuesday night gathering tonight; I need to take some time and try to rearrange what could soon be a completely whacked sleep schedule. Sunday night’s storms had me up until 0200, and then we kept losing electrical power on the mountain after 0315. As I am wholly incapable of sleeping in complete silence, I would wake up every time the power went off, which happened four times. As such, I slept very late yesterday [read: 1000], and a second day of off-kilter sleeping will put me back to being messed up all week long if I don’t take proactive measures.

That said, I’ll take communing with my friends over some sleep.

[I said that I was thinking clearly, but as I re-read this, I’m beginning to question that…]


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