New Perspective on Old Music

I’m getting to know a whole new Over the Rhine as I sit and listen to more stuff from when Ric Hordinski was in the band. The OtR that I know and love is the Good Dog, Bad Dog and Ohio OtR: quiet, sensual, and focused on Karin and Linford.

The OtR I’m hearing right now is a much more rocking band: the Amateur Shortwave Radio, Besides, and Cutting Room Floor OtR greatly benefitted, sonically, from Hordinski.

This makes me ponder the parallels that I, as a Caedmon’s Call fan, will see as the band transitions from its first era [with Derek Webb as vocalist/songwriter and Aaron Tate as songwriter] to its second [with Andrew Osenga in Derek’s place and other non-touring songwriting voices like Randall Goodgame].

Now I know how new Caedmon’s fans feel—hi, Rick!—ones who don’t know what the My Calm // Your Storm fuss is all about, people for whom Aaron is just a name in the liner notes.


  1. I myself drifted off into Aaron-awe this past weekend when I sang “I’m Coming Home” at a wedding. The metaphors in that song alone would’ve taken me a lifetime to have come up with.

    I am shell-shocked
    And I have walked
    Through the trenches full of tears
    With the mortars of memory
    Exploding in my burning ears

    You strip the trees of Lebanon
    And now you’re stripping me, too
    Of the bark of false morality
    And the bite of selfish greed
    Can you hear me?


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