Bad Packaging, Good Customer Service

My friend Derek Webb recently released his second solo CD, The House Show. Unfortunately, the early-release copies purchased through his site suffered from a propensity to have scratches in the playing surface that would leave whole tracks unplayable. These scratches are easily understandable given the poor packaging of the disc.

Derek’s label, INO Records, has been replacing these CD’s at no cost, even covering the shipping costs. I’m sure that this costs them a fair amount of money on an album that’s not being pushed for radio play at all, which means that this CD primarily is getting pushed via word-of-mouth and at Derek’s shows.

I personally want to applaud INO for making a good customer service decision.

[Please note that this post has nothing to do with my giddy glee over Derek thanking me by name in the liner notes. The mention did, however, fulfill one of my tiny, petty, selfish life goals.]


  1. Is that a subtle plea for the rest of us to make all of our friends buy this disc?

    (I mean, I do that already, but just in case some of your readers don’t …)

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