Open Letter to Colin Campbell

Dear Colin Campbell:

I don’t know whether it was Kerry Fraser or Bill McCreary who threw up his arm, but whoever thought that Nolan Pratt interfered with Marty Gelinas as he drove to get the puck behind Nikolai Khabibulin’s net late in the third deserves to be fired–immediately.

It’s impossible to interfere with a player you cannot see when you are going for a puck that you can see. Of course Pratt slowed for a second–he had to get around the net! Of course he shifted left–he needed an angle on the puck to carry it into the corner and make an outlet pass!

Please remind your referees that big hits when chasing down the puck != interference.




  1. Oh my god you are a fool. It was Saprykin, NOT Gelinas. Also, he interfered with the guy moving to the puck. If you knock a guy down, whether you see him or not, while he is going to the puck it is interference. Please see my comments about Iginla, and then comment on the greatest game on earth, but only then.

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