TiVo Home Media Option Features Rolled Into Basic Service

Just in time for the hardware I bought on Monday to arrive, TiVo has made the old “Home Media Option” services a part of the standard service package. Multi-room viewing, music streaming, photo sharing, and a Web interface to the TiVo To-Do list are now all standard on Series 2 DVRs.


I’m very glad that I didn’t drop the $99 for the one-time fee for this service; I wasn’t sure that I’d like TiVo enough to use it, but I find myself thinking that I’d like multi-room viewing. I also find myself, from time to time, wanting to record two things at once; now I can.

I reckon I’ll actually hook up my old 19″ TV now and put it in my bedroom.

[Please note that this is my first TiVo-related post since buying my TiVo; I think that kind of restraint is remarkable.]

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