How Not To Make Your Headache Go Away

At 0322, I groaned and focused on the alarm clock. Yep, allergies making the sinuses fill up again. Hooah.

I rolled back over and went back to sleep; the only stuff I have in the apartment makes you really drowsy, and the last time I did that, I was a zombie all day at work.

At 0521, I groaned and made myself get out of bed. The plan was to get to work early and do mind-numbingly easy things while I waited for the medication to eradicate the headache. After a half-hour of sitting in the closed bathroom with the shower steaming moisture into my sinuses, I was ready to make my way into work.

I opened the door to the truck, set my book on the dash, and began to get in the truck.

I did not, however, remember to get down before getting in.

Lesson: when suffering from a headache, it is never wise to bang one’s temple on the door frame of one’s vehicle.

Pardon me while I sit here with the lights off … being a moron.


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