Why You Check Referral Logs

The other day, I noticed something when checking my referral logs for [caedmonscall.net]: requests for lyrics for any Caedmon’s Call song were going to the Song Vault itself, not the individual pages linked therein. This was happening consistently, no matter the search query or engine.

This is a [in my mind, huge] problem: it’s not a good usability situation. Someone searching for the lyrics to “We Delight” is not sent to the actual page containing the lyrics for Caedmon’s Call’s “We Delight” from In The Company of Angels, but rather just to the Song Vault. That person probably doesn’t know that “We Delight” was on ITCOA–if they did, they’ve probably got the album, and they can check the liner notes [unless they are lazy, like me, and use Web resources when they don’t have the liner notes handy].

Consider this a lesson in Web page construction—you’ll notice that the Song Vault page for “We Delight” doesn’t have the word “lyrics” anywhere on it!—as well as one in checking your referral logs. It’s probably also an argument for the Semantic Web™, but expounding on that at any length typically gets a Weblogger killed.