“I Have The Internet in My Pants!”

Last night at the Granades’ house, it was my turn to bring the alcoholic beverages of the evening. After placing my contributions in the fridge, I walked up behind the Granades and said in a stage whisper:

“I have the Internet in my pants!”

After much laughter, this became an oft-repeated phrase of the night. I was, of course, referring to my new Treo 600.

It was funny later when Jeremy’s phone rang. He has musical ringtones, and his choice of late has been Europe’s “Final Countdown”. I waited until he had finished the conversation and said, “While I have the Internet in my pants, Jeremy has Europe in his pants.” Much laughter ensued.

I must give credit for the “Internet in my pants” line to Matt Haughey, who made the same joke in his entry praising Bluetooth.


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