Behind the Scenes at the Olympics

As some of you have met him and others have read his posts on Ye Olde Rumor Forum, my friend Mark Smiley works for Xerox’s Olympics support arm. [Yes, they have a name for that, but that’s what it is, for all intents and purposes.].

Mark posted a link to a story that quotes him about some of the paper hassles behind the Olympics. Mark once showed me a photo he’d taken in one of their warehouses—boxes of paper as far as the eye could see. He gave me a few minutes to take it in, and then he said, “Just don’t ask me how many boxes high that stack is or how fast we’ll go through it.”

Anytime you think about the joke that is the “paperless office”, you should think about poor schlepps like Mark—yeah, he’s having a great time over there in Greece, but that’s a job where a paper cut isn’t just a risk, it’s something the medical people insure you against! 😉

[I just guaranteed that “” will continue to point here, didn’t I?]