Project Guru

I have become, unfortunately for me, the guru for Microsoft Project among the manufacturing folks at work.

This means I get all sorts of “Why isn’t this working?!” calls.

Nine times out of ten, it comes because someone doesn’t understand what they’re doing with the program.

What I hate about Project is that they’ve dumbed down how Gantt charts are built and made it too easy for people to build horribly wrong schedule waterfalls with insane dependencies.

I get the fun of undoing the spaghetti and pointing out where the problem is.

My frustration? I don’t get a charge line for when these people bother me with their questions. There are times when I’d rather just maintain their schedules myself, because then it’d friggin’ work.

Oh well. Back to doing Real Engineering Work™—rewriting someone else’s acceptance test reports! Happy happy, joy joy. 😐


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