A Gap

I can’t really explain why it’s been five days between posts. I don’t think it’s for lack of anything to write about, really–perhaps I just wasn’t mused late last week.

It’s not even as if work was all that terrible–really, it wasn’t that bad. Sure, I had to re-write people’s work from craptacular form to workable form—come on, people, when you have a requirements document, writing an acceptance test procedure is not difficult; I did it when I was a snot-nosed, can’t-legally-buy-alcohol co-op!—but that’s not all that bad.

Thankfully so, since I get to do it again today. Why are we paying this vendor, again? It’s so much fun in this line of business to pay someone to do the job and then have to have someone sit in their facility to tell them how to do it. It’s a situation of, “We’d do the work ourselves if we had the volume of work to merit doing it, but this is outside our core competency.” Yes, I just used the phrase “core competency” in a sentence; I typed it with a straight face, too.

I mean, crap, I’ve even used the phrase “added value” of late without laughing.

I don’t know what’s becoming of me.

[What was I posting about again?]


  1. It’s not too bad. Once I actually get my own access to documents it’ll be TONS easier though. (won’t have to search around for someone who does have access to get a copy of something that I need to review by oh the next day.. grr).

  2. I was exposed to the government world in a very minor way yesterday with the class that I attended over at Jessica’s work. I get around to asking a question midway through, and I just get the response that they can’t answer my question. That really sucked. They got me in the ballpark though and I got the answer I was really looking for anyway (order of magnitude rather than a specific number)

    And bad writing is not a product of just the government and its contractors, oh no. I do my fair share of butchering of the language for software specs and the like. And I’ve read some around here that make mine look really good, so that’s a bit scary.

  3. You would pick the day that I was out all day for training (my 2nd day of orientation where I got to learn all about compliance and labor charging) to make nine posts. Good grief man!

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