Die, Project, Die!

Dear Microsoft Project:

How about showing me where the freakin’ circular reference is, you stupid piece of software, rather than making me look through 600 lines of tasks to pick it out for my own self?

I understand that you don’t want to do calculations until I clear the circular reference, but you could be kind and tell me where the problem lies so that I might fix it.

Piece of crap software!




  1. One question for you… if it is a circular reference, how would it know where to begin pointing you to it? Sure, it could be nice and point to the entire circular path, but that would make far too much sense 🙂

    You schedule things with far too much detail if you’re hitting 600 tasks. Loosen up some, let the engineers drive the schedule >:)

  2. I’d have been happy if they’d have just pointed to the whole circular path; at that point, I could have looked at what was circular and figured out the correct parent-child order.

    The issue lay in the fact that a task was the predecessor of its summary task [not a true P-C relationship]. It took me a while to find that, but it was worth doing.

    As for 600 tasks … you’ve got to be kidding. This manages shop flow, so each station through the shop is on the schedule. 10+ stations per part, and this is a small schedule. When you’re doing onesy-twosy manufacturing, you’re competing for precious resources.

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