Disturbing Concert

I was just looking at the schedule for 3rd & Lindsley, seeing as Sandra McCracken is playing there on Saturday night [ticket: check!]. I then saw the following name for Monday, July 19:

“Jordan Knight (of New Kids on the Block)”

I went into convulsions for at least 15 seconds.

Please … make it stop!


  1. He was here in Huntsville not that long ago. (I think at Crossroads) Or are the convulsions that the same place that would have Sandra play would follow the next day with him?

  2. I’m just sickened by the fact that the man still has a career. Yeesh!

    That said, the concerts are separated by a good two weeks or more, and Sandra plays first. I’m not sure that I could, in all conscience, go to see a show at 3&L after Jordan’s played there, so I guess this will be my one time to go. 😆

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