Members Only

John Gruber’s Daring Fireball has been undergoing a change of sort as John pushes towards being a full-time Weblogger on his areas of expertise [mainly Mac stuff, but other things as well] by seeking to incorporate members-only content into his offerings. One thing he’s now doing: a linked list.

Everyone is free to browse the Linked List web archives; however, the only daily index is the RSS feed, and there’s a one-day delay before new links are posted to the web archives. In other words, the RSS feed is the only way to get the links fresh, and the only way to subscribe to the feed is to become a member.

This exact model is one that we considered with Sports way back in the day: publishing content via email on one day, then putting it on the Web the next. The way John’s doing it with member-specific syndication feeds and members-only content is a better way to go than what we were doing, but that’s because the technology far better supports online self-publishing today than it did back in 1998.

It’s almost enough to make me want to get back into that, but I know that doing so would be a temptation not worthy of submittal.