TiVo #2 En Route

I will receive my second TiVo today; it’s presently out for delivery with UPS. I’d talked about buying another one and actually did so on Thursday.

That’ll be another device for the network. 😀

Unfortunately, I won’t get to play with it much, if at all, today; I don’t expect an input from one of my vendors until after normal business hours—they’re on the West Coast, and their comments during this morning’s telecon led me to believe that they’re going to sneak the document to us after hours, which means that I’ll be a bastard and goof off from 1700 until it gets here, just so I get a copy of it tonight!—and I’m going to take that home so I can review it tonight and be ready for the meeting in the morning. It’s all about not being the one holding up progress. The schedule hit that this particular program is going to take is particularly nasty, and we’re trying to stay out of the way of the hit.