Late June Music Infusion

In addition to picking up Johnny Cash’s American IV: The Man Comes Around, I also got Riding With The King by B.B. King & Eric Clapton and You Are So Good to Me by Waterdeep. The Clapton album continues my long-standing love affair with Clapton’s music—some teenage boys have a Led Zepplin or AC/DC phase, but I had an Eric Clapton phase—and the Waterdeep selection is influenced by John Wilson, who has been trying to get me to listen to Waterdeep for a couple of years now. Soon I’ll relent and buy a bunch of Waterdeep like I did with Over the Rhine at Jeff Holland‘s behest.

All the while, my mother is saying, “You have no fiscal restraint when it comes to music.” She’s right. Thank goodness for BMG—which, by the way, Mom said I’d screw up royally. 😆


  1. I bought Riding with the King during my buy music by guitar giants phase when I first started playing.

    Good disc.

    My teenage music phase? Creedence Clearwater Revival…strange considering their music was around almost twenty years before I was born.

  2. I actually got to see Clapton last night at Madison Square Garden. After seeing my mom at the hospital, I went to have dinner with my friend Colin. He works for MSG network. After dinner we walked backstage and watched his show for about 20 minutes. (or 1 guitar solo) I was glad to see that Steve Gadd was backing him up on the drums. He’s a favorite of mine..

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